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The Cozy Home That Inspired The Holiday's English Cottage Is On The Market Right Now

Yes, Jude Law pretending to be Mr. Napkin Head for his daughters in The Holiday could, very possibly, be the best scene in any Christmas movie, but let’s not get distracted, OK? Forgetting the ridiculously good looking cast for a moment, the houses in the holiday classic (I went there) are almost just as dreamy.

After Cameron Diaz’s California home from the film hit the market, fans went wild and now, thanks to Hamptons International, the very cozy home that inspired Kate Winslet’s Rosehill cottage is on the market for £650,000, or $821,002. Though not named Rosehill IRL, Honeysuckle Cottage in the countryside of Surrey is enough to satisfy your dreams of living like Kate pre-heartbreak and vacationing like Cameron post-breakup. See for yourself.

Could it possibly be as enchanting as Rosehill was?

Yes, yes it can. And it really is.

Honeysuckle Cottage features are very similar to the movie.

Like at Rosehill, Honeysuckle features low ceilings with exposed wood beams that make the rooms feel extra cozy, especially by the fire.

The kitchen is absolutely charming with its green cabinets.

The listing emphasizes the beautiful craftsmen-built and hand-painted kitchen, which is reminiscent of the blue cabinets in the film.

The natural wood makes its way into every room.

Between the stunning French doors, ceiling beams, and window trims, the wood brings a cozy feeling to the whole cottage. Not to mention the lighter wood used in the kitchen and for the dining room table—but every space is cozy.

There are three bedrooms in the home.

Similar to the rest of the house, each of the three bedrooms are filled with natural light, while maintaining the cozy den feel. The ceilings and original-style furniture are translated into Kate Winslet’s bedroom.

The home enjoys beautifully landscaped gardens and lovely views.

The listing also notes that the property is perfectly kept so your time outside will be as relaxing as your time curled up by the fire.

Credit: Taylor Mead, House Beautiful


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