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Whether you’re relocating, exploring new areas or it’s simply not the right time to part with your current residence, East Egg has experts to assist with the marketing of your rental property. East Egg offers you a rental experience that is unparalleled. We use aggressive and strategic approaches to put you in touch with prospective renters who are qualified and in the market for your exact type and style of property. Make use of the most up-to-date website tools so you’ll never miss an opportunity to profit. Receive guidance through the full rental cycle, from marketing and advertising to a comprehensive screening process. We ensure that we bring only the most qualified tenants to the table.

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Standout Reasons to Rent

Renting may be more advantageous depending on your priorities and needs. If you’re waiting to build the capital needed to make a down payment on a home or your credit history needs strengthening to obtain a mortgage, rentals are an ideal way to live in the neighborhood of your dreams. For those with busy lifestyles, renting can free up a considerable amount of time that, for homeowners, would be devoted to maintaining and up-keep of a home and property. If you live a more transient lifestyle, that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice comfort. Renting satisfies an immediate need to have a place to live without being tied down by a longterm commitment. Perhaps you are unsure about your career’s demands, or have immediate expenses to pay off. Maybe you’re exploring a specific area to decide upon a particular lifestyle before settling permanently. In these cases, renting is a stress-free and smart solution.

East Egg understands that rental situations are unique. Our full-time staff handles luxury, short term, seasonal or yearly rental properties throughout Manhattan and Long Island and can manage or secure the ideal rental property for you.

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Renter’s Guide

From a Long Island residences to a Manhattan rental, East Egg has an agent who can help.

The process of renting can be a fast one. Before the search begins, we suggest that you ask many questions and review neighborhoods, schools (if relevant), building types, transportation, amenities, what’s included and what’s not included in the rental. This way, our agents can assure that they’ve captured all of your needs prior to kicking off your search.

See below for further tips from our team or connect with an agent today to get started.

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Items to Prepare

  • Personal References. 2-3 personal references, some Landlords/buildings may require reference letters.
  • Business References. 2-3 business references, some Landlords/buildings may require reference letters.
  • Employer Letter: A letter from your employer stating your position, salary, length of employment and any opportunities for bonuses (if applicable)
  • Pay Subs: Last two pay stubs
  • Tax Returns: Last two years of tax returns (full return)
  • Bank Statements: Last two months’ bank statements
  • Landlord Letter: Letter from your Landlord stating that you have been in good standing, and contact information for previous landlords.
  • Asset Verification: Support documentation of other assets (if applicable)
  • Photo ID: Driver’s License, Passport, etc.
  • Pets: If you have a service or emotional support animal, we recommend gathering an Emotional Support Animal Letter (ESA) for your rental application.

East Egg Realty

Rental Tips

  • Prioritize your requirements. Work with your East Egg agent to determine what is important in your new home. Three items you should consider - size, location and price. Other items to consider, are necessary amenities, schools, etc.
  • Budget. What is your financial situation? It's important to know your budget - you’ll save time and energy.
  • Timing. Start your search 30-90 days ahead of time. If you search too soon or too late, then you may not see the best available inventory. Additionally, if you are shopping for a co-op rental, the timeline can be 30-45 days.
  • Be Prepared. If you find a place you like, it’s best to have all of your documents ready and be financially prepared to put a deposit down immediately. This will guarantee that you don't lose the residence.
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Other Reminders 

Moving Costs & Salary Requirements

Most commonly, to be approved for a rental, you’ll be expected by many landlords to make 40 to 50 times the monthly rent and go through a credit and background check. If your annual salary does not meet that requirement, then it may be possible to explore a guarantor or combine salaries of roommates and/or partners. Many landlords require that a guarantor typically make 80 to 100 times the required monthly rent. Reach out to an East Egg agent today for further assistance with your rental.

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