Our Philosophy

As real estate investors ourselves, East Egg Realty was founded with a real-life passion for being landholders and masters of one's own destiny. To own one's own home is to know a sense of security, personal pride and level of accomplishment that eludes many. The acquisition of property leads to opportunities and possibilities beyond your wildest imaginings! It's an amazing, empowering feeling... and that's why today, we help our clients acquire and sell real property with the same level of intensity that went into our own first real estate purchases.

With such a great love for this business, it should be no surprise that we put our every effort into providing flawless service to our customers. At the core of the East Egg Realty philosophy lies a commitment to innovation, coupled with a deep respect for tradition, history, and quality service. Today's market calls for a transformative approach, and as a team, we graciously accept the challenge.

For us, there is no greater reward than to see our customers walk away thrilled, delighted, and looking to the future with eager anticipation. We know that to create such a reality demands constant communication and an approach that's customized to each individual client. We embrace the opportunity to offer you luxury service.



What's In A Name

The name "East Egg" is our tribute to the fictional town coined by F. Scott Fitzgerald in his famous novel, The Great Gatsby. This great work of literature is a testament to the unprecedented levels of prosperity enjoyed by residents of Long Island's North Shore as the economy soared in the early 1920s. Fitzgerald's contrast of the fictional towns "East Egg" and "West Egg" pays homage to the old money atmosphere and social customs that shaped the North Shore region and live on to this day. As life long residents, we retain a deep appreciation for this tradition of excellence and strive to keep it alive in our daily interactions with customers.

At East Egg Realty, it is our every wish that your real estate investment experience will be a meaningful and rewarding one!


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